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Why you should visit Girnar- Junagadh

Why you should visit Girnar- Junagadh?

Gujarat is a famous business hub in the country. Mostly state is known for its diamond business and because of this it is famous as “Jewel of India”. But in from last few years campaigns like “Khushbu Gujarat ki” make this state famous for tourism also. Be it religion, wildlife, history, adventure one can get everything in Gujarat to plan a perfect holiday. And specifically, we are talking about the place where one can get all interesting activities-The mount Girnar. A place is located in the Junagadh district of state Gujarat. It is around 30 km from Ahmedabad. The place is religious and historical and is famous from the 3rd century. It is a religious place for Jains and Hindu pilgrims. The range of mountains is older than Himalaya. Girnar is considered a sacred place in India. Let’s take a look at a few reasons- why you should visit Girnar-Junagadh? 

Gir national park: Gir Nation Park or Gir wildlife sanctuary is the perfect place for wildlife and adventure lover. Besides, Africa, Gir wildlife sanctuary is the only wildlife place where we can see lion roaming free. Gir National Park is the most famous attraction in Girnar, Junagadh.

Girnar RopewayGujarat is one state which is gifting tourist some exciting place to visit. After the Statue of Liberty, it’s the Girnar Ropeway. The ropeway project is almost done and ready for the launch. The ropeway launch will take place somewhere between May and June 2020 as per the twitter handle of Udan Khatola, the company handling and executing this ropeway project. The ropeway will cover the 2.3 km distance and connect the base to the Ambaji temple. As of now to climb to the temple, devotees need to take 5000 steps. The ropeway will provide the ultimate convenience to the devotees. The ropeway is going to be the most famous thing in Girnar apart from temples. There is also a cafeteria being developed to serve tourists.

Ambaji Temple – Mt. Ginrar is the most famous Hindu pilgrim place because of the Ambaji temple. Out of the 52 Shakti peethas, it is one of them. It is believed that the stomach of Devi had fallen here. The Girnar Ropeway will take devotees directly to the Ambaji temple. The height of the temple is 3664 ft. Devotees need to put one step only in the ropeway in place of 5000 steps.

Jain Temples: There are 16 Jain temples located in the range of Girnar hills. From these 16 temples, Neminath temple is the largest temple that was built around the years 1128 to 1159. The temple is a deity of Lord Neminath hence, for Jain pilgrims Mt. Girnar is also famous as Mt. Neminath. 

These are just a few we have mentioned. To summarize, Girnar- Junagadh was always a major tourist attraction for various reasons. And with the launch of the new ropeway at Mt. Girnar, the place will become more famous among tourists. The ropeway is set to attract tourist lovers from across India.